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The LB church in Chad includes 15 different ethnic groups in over 700 churches. Pray as the Chadian church works with LBIM to send multinational teams to areas yet unreached by the gospel.


Liz C. asks prayer for the families of students she teaches English to, that the Holy Spirit will work in their lives. Recently one mom, whose own mother had just passed away, was touched by the loving response to her loss by some Christian moms. May God use this to soften hearts towards him. Happy

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Continue to pray for the Japan LB synod as they seek God’s will to find ways to encourage those who would go into full-time ministry. Pray that God will increase the vision of the churches in Japan.


A radical Hindu party was victorious in recent elections and are pressing forward to make India a fully Hindu nation. Men with criminal backgrounds have taken key positions. Pray for protection for our brothers and sisters in India.


Pray for those who are in the midst of preparation to go as missionaries with LBIM. Pray for supporting churches that will give in order to send them to bring the gospel to the unreached.


The Annual Meeting of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren Cameroon (CLBC) took place in March. Please continue to pray for President Goyek and the CLBC ministry in Cameroon and their missionaries in Mali.


Pray for Dean and Linda Bengtson as they minister to their neighbors in Ishinomaki. Pray that their presence there and the friendships they have made will make a difference for eternity. Pray for blessing and encouragement for Dean and Linda.


Pray for ongoing well projects in villages in Chad. Pray that God would use the gift of clean water to open people’s hearts to the water of life found in Jesus Christ.