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Pray for Joel and Liz C. as stricter laws have created uncertainty about ongoing availability of visas and the future of the organization they have served over the past nine years. Pray for wisdom in God’s leading as they consult with leaders from partner organizations on how to go forward.


Pray for the villages that for the first time have safe fresh water wells through the LBIM Living Waters well project. Pray for Pastor Malloum as he makes follow-up visits to these villages, that he will have opportunities to share the gospel.


Tomorrow is the annual meeting of the Japan Lutheran Brethren Church. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all matters and wisdom for planning for future ministry.


Pray for Mr. L. He is the only Christian in his family and he wants them to know Jesus. Pray that God’s love will be made plain through him and others who witness to his family.


Pray for Sara Ronnevik as she creates illustrations for a Bible story book about God’s creation of Adam and Eve and the first sin. Nathanael says that when he uses illustrations to tell Bible stories, “there’s no controlling the crowd.”


Paul and Teresa praise God for continued positive relationships with the local villagers, the chief’s family and over 30 Chadian workers, both southerners and northerners.