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Pray for our missionaries in Chad as they are in the height of the hot and dry season. Pray for good health and stamina. Pray for safety from daily dangers they take in stride as they live out the gospel.


Pray for Dan Venberg as he is serving as the featured speaker for the Borderless mission team April 13 – 19. The team includes several LB churches and churches in Silva, Mexico.


Joel and Marybeth Nordtvedt (Intl. Students, U of AZ) ask prayer for international students who meet every Friday for dinner and Bible discussion.  Some haven’t heard of the death and resurrection of Christ.


Three high school seniors are preparing to take their college-entrance exams in early May and preparing for their baptisms in early June. Pray that they learn to trust and follow God closely during this pressure-filled time. Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson as they mentor these young men.


Pray for Pastor Takayama, president of the Japan LBC, as he works to help congregations toward renewal, evangelism and the calling of much-needed future church workers and pastors.


India has a great concentration of unreached people groups, numbering in the thousands. Since 2014, Christian persecution and religious intolerance has increased, much of it because of a national government sympathetic to radical Hindu nationalists. Pray for the advance of the gospel in India.


Pray for Mrs. W. who has started attending church and small group after her Christian husband died recently. She often feels overwhelmed because there is so much to learn and her memory is poor. Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson as they befriend her and help her come to know Jesus.


Kay writes, “Praise God for this time to concentrate on growing my French and Chadian Arabic language base while the house is built in the village. Pray that I will optimize the time and that God would send the right person(s) to help with conversational and pronunciation skills.”