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Pray for Dave, Sonja, Nate, Eva, Boeden and Ivan as school starts again tomorrow. Dave writes: “You can pray for us as we get back into the routine of school and trying to get our minds back into gear.” These last months of language study are important to their future ministry in Chad.


Pray for Dean and Linda Bengtson as they are on a two- month home assignment, visiting churches on the East Coast and in Minnesota. Pray for opportunities for rest and  refreshment as well and good times with family and friends.


Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson as they transition back into life in Taiwan after a year in the States. Pray also for wisdom and discernment about where to invest their discipleship-making efforts.


Pray for Michael and Delores Kittelson as they plan for their home assignment this fall. May the Lord give them wisdom to be in the right place at the right time as they share what God is doing among the Hakka in Taiwan.


Pray that God would bless Japan’s churches with a new vision for gospel-centered evangelism and that God would help the Japanese to understand their spiritual need and God’s forgiveness in Christ.


Paul and Teresa are thankful that phase one of the construction of their home is nearly complete. Praise God for good relationships with all the workers of different ethnicities, and that there have been no serious injuries.


Please pray for Miss Jessica Fu, a China Lutheran Seminary graduate, as she assists with the Hakka Fellowship. Michael and Delores Kittelson have been working with her as she gets to know the members and those who need visitation.


Marcos Holzner asks us to pray for encouragement for those bringing God’s Word to the unreached in Chad. Pray especially for Chadian missionaries Nissoh and Malloum.