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Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson in their final months of home assignment as they continue to travel to share their ministry and also spend time with their children and extended family.


As a church, believers are able to meet, but in small numbers as people are afraid. They are vulnerable on the streets or at home, but they hold services with any who are able to come. Pray for protection and safety for God’s people there.


A Hindu-background Southeast Asian diplomat has been attending Heidi Jensen’s conversational English class about the Bible. Please pray that “Tru” and his family will come to know Christ and grow in grace and faith as they return to their country next month.


Pray for Joel and Liz C. as they visit with and encourage their co-workers and hold planning and leadership meetings. Pray for a conference for national and international mission leaders who are partnering together to send mission workers from China. Praise God for this vision for mission!


Tomorrow is Victory Hakka Fellowship’s Mother’s Day activity. They want to honor and show appreciation for mothers. Pray for those who attend that they will also hear of God’s love for them.


Pray for Dean Bengtson whose mother passed away April 1st. She was an avid supporter of Dean and Linda’s ministry in Japan. Pray for them as they grieve this loss.


Pray for Dave and Sonja and their children as they continue studying French. Pray for God’s grace and strength in language learning. Pray for many opportunities to use their French with friends in their neighborhood.


Roger and Sue Olson of Japanese Ministries, Rock of Ages LBC, Seattle, ask for prayer as they share Christ’s love in word and deed to 60 new students who have just arrived from Japan. Pray for more volunteers to help in this ministry!


Pray for Danny and Mandy in their continuing language and culture learning. Pray for guidance in deciding which village they should move to. Pray for wisdom regarding their sons’ education and health as they move.