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Tomorrow is Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan. Pray for wisdom and boldness for Christians, especially recent converts, as they face pressure to join their families in traditional ancestor worship rituals. Pray that they will stay true to the faith as they express honor and respect for ancestors in Christian ways.


Kay writes, “If I could ask for anything right now, it would be that God would help me be very courageous. The world seems very big and I am feeling very small.” Pray for her as she nears the end of language study and prepares to go to Chad.


Pray for Danny and Mandy as they continue to settle into their life in the village. Pray for good health and safety for their family. Happy 4th birthday to Samuel.


Christ is raised indeed! Pray for churches around the world that we will continue to be faithful in taking this transforming good news to our neighbors near and far.


Pray for Paul and Teresa in their training ministry. Pray that God will bless their mentoring time with their Chadian missionary colleagues. Pray for God’s unity and peace as they serve the advancement of the gospel in this unreached area.


Pray for Pastor and Mrs. W as they seek God’s will about mission work among a unreached people group. Pray for clarity as they explore God’s leading with Taiwan church leadership.


Pray for Dave and Sonja and their children in their continued adjustment to their life in Chad. Pray for good health and for continual growth in language acquisition.


Dean and Linda Bengtson continue to see good turnouts at gospel concerts and events in Ishinomaki. Pray that the gospel spoken and sung will result in transformed lives and a new church plant. Happy birthday Dean.


Liz C. is praising the Lord that a couple of local churches have asked for help in developing plans for meeting the needs of disabled children. Pray for next steps and that this will help families to feel welcomed in these fellowships.


LBIM does not have any missionaries in Cameroon; however, the Cameroon church has sent their own missionaries to outreach to unreached people groups. Let’s join together praying for this outreach ministry. Also pray for the advance of the gospel among these people.