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Tomorrow Mike and Delores Kittelson will spend time with their former neighbors, the L family. Pray for this opportunity to again share with them the good news of Jesus Christ.


Pray for future church leaders and workers to hear God’s call to vocational ministry. Pray for local churches to encourage them and support them in following this call.


January 28th is the Chinese New Year. Pray for Christians as they prepare to spend time with their families. May they have a positive influence through expressing the love of God to their relatives.


Joel and Liz C. praise God that a small group of people have finished the Joni & Friends course “Beyond Suffering.” They hope to meet face to face with this group in January to work on adapting it for further use in their local context.


Pray for the salvation of the wife and the mother-in-law of Mr. C. He is a new Christian attending a small group that Ethan and Sandy Christofferson belong to. Both women attend church and various small group activities.


Pray for peace and safety for the people of Chad in this new year. Pray that the government will continue its policies of religious freedom and fighting terrorism. Pray for spiritual awakening.


President Goyek has asked the church in North America to pray for the pastors and members in northern Cameroon who minister in high risk areas as the result of Boko Haram terrorism.


Pray for the Japan LB synod as churches are experiencing a shortage of pastors, and there are no full-time seminary students. Pray that God’s Spirit will move to call workers for his harvest.