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Nathanael writes that the people of the village they live in are suffering through hard times since last year’s supplies have dwindled and this year’s harvest has not come in. Pray that they will be able to provide for their families and have a good harvest.


Pray for the salvation of Mr. Y.  Ethan Christofferson has visited him weekly, sharing Bible stories with him and having other Christians share their testimonies.


The traditional practices of ancestor worship are a major challenge for missionaries and churches in Asia. Pray for our missionaries and churches as they help believers respond biblically to ancestral practices. Pray for Mr. D and Mr. and Mrs. T who are struggling with this issue.


Pray for Danny and Mandy, for ongoing adjustments to Chadian culture and languages. Danny continues to focus on Arabic language study. Happy 6th birthday today to Theo!


Pray for Jeremy and Sallee and their girls as they arrive in Chad today. Pray as they adjust to another culture, a new language and a new job. Pray especially for Olivia and Abigail during this transition.


Pray earnestly for Joel and Liz C. regarding their visa application. A new law directed at foreign non-government groups raises serious concerns over whether they will get their visas this time. Returning to China on tourist visas, they will then apply for work visas. Pray for favor with government authorities!


Pray for Ben and Sara Hosch as they seek God’s leading toward future service in Taiwan. Pray for Ben’s coming year of pastoral candidacy as he serves at Stavanger Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls.


Pray for Jeremy, Sallee, Olivia and Abigail as they finish their time in France and say goodbye to friends there and look forward to their new life in Chad. Happy birthday to Jeremy today.


Pray for the Spirit of God to move mightily in Japanese churches, renewing congregations and calling new workers in full-time vocational ministry. Only one student is studying at the seminary, and on a part-time basis.


Ancestor worship keeps many Asians from receiving the gospel. Pray for Mrs. W and Mr. Y, friends of Ethan and Sandy Christofferson, and for Mr. D and Mr. and Mrs. T, friends of Mike and Delores Kittelson.