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Pray for Mr. Rong, a friend of Ethan and Sandy Christofferson. Pray that he would continue to attend church and allow God’s peace to fill him. Pray for faith to believe the God of the Bible.


Pray for Dan Venberg as he represents the ministries of LBIM in our churches, and as he works with the Living Water well project in Chad. Pray for new laborers to be raised up for the work God has called us to in Asia and Africa.


Marcos asks prayer for the Sultan of Yao, the traditional leader of an unreached people group. Pray that God will bring dedicated Christ followers into his life that will share the gospel with him and his people.


Stephen and Sandra Bickler ask prayer for Sharon L. who has made three short-term trips to serve special needs families in East Asia and is now praying about long-term ministry. Pray for God’s will to be made clear to her.


Pray for the ministry of the LB seminary and for the faculty. Pray for more students to attend and prepare for full-time ministry as many pastors are now entering retirement.


Pray for Hassan, the orphaned grandson of the guard at the home of Nathanael and Carrie. Pray for friends and for protection for Hassan as he lives with his grandparents in the compound. Pray for him and his family during this year without his new friends, Selma and Cyril, who are on home assignment with

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We have recently seen a string of terrorist attacks in places like Baghdad, Istanbul and Orlando. At the same time, the gospel makes unprecedented advances in Muslim regions. Pray for an end to radical terrorism and for an increase of Muslims turning to Christ.


Pray for Mike and Delores Kittelson as they work with Christians in Victory Hakka Fellowship to share the gospel with family and friends. Praise God that Mike and Delores have been able to use music to proclaim the gospel.


Pray for Dean and Linda Bengtson’s neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. A, who have benefitted from the clean-up effort by groups helping with the tsunami disaster these last five years. Pray for open hearts to the message of Jesus.