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Pray for Paul, Teresa, Titus and Micah as they are in the process of moving and settling into their new home and ministry, which is located about one hour north of the welcome center.


Today Dean and Linda Bengtson are attending a soup making party with the “A” family. Mrs. A is from Ishinomaki but her son met Joshua Bengtson in college and the families have been good friends for five years. Please pray for openness to the gospel.


Pray for Matthias, son of Paul and Teresa, as he began his studies last month at Aix-en-Provence, which is in the south of France. Pray for him during this time as he is separated from family.


Pray for the salvation of Mr. Y. Pray that he would come to Enlin LBC and join a small group Ethan and Sandy Christofferson are involved with. Mrs. Y will be baptized later this month. PTL!


Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Cameroon LBC and specifically congregations in the extreme north province. Extremists are continuing to cross over from Nigeria.


Pray for Hannah, daughter of Ethan and Sandy Christofferson, as she began her first year of college last month at Montana State University in Bozeman. Pray as she continues to adjust to life back in the USA.


Joel C. is attending two conferences for international mission leaders. Pray for partnership opportunities as leaders gather and as Joel serves the Chinese church toward full participation in God’s global mission.


Continue to pray for the flood victims in Louisiana that they will come to know God’s peace and comfort. Pray that tangible expres-sions of love from God’s people will bring comfort to their lives and the assurance that God is bigger.


Pray for Olivia and Abigail, daughters of Jeremy and Sallee, as they continue to adjust to their new culture and environment. Pray as they continue their online schooling.