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Pray for the rains and the harvests in Chad. Pray for those who are struggling with food shortages. Pray also that the Living Waters well project would continue to bring clean water as well as Christ’s water of life to villages.  


Pray for a special friend of Linda Bengtson who attends and brings friends and English students to special events at House of Hope. Pray that her friendship with Linda and other Christians will open her eyes and heart to the gospel.


Over 10 students are attending worship at Japanese Ministries in Seattle every Sunday since June. Pray that they might be led to a saving faith in Jesus. Also, “S.M.”  has expressed her desire to believe and has begun a weekly Bible study with Roger and Sue Olson.


Pray for Dan as he leaves tomorrow to lead a short-term mission team from the Canadian Region. Pray for team members: Roger Olson, Harold Barth, Phil Rushton, Sharon Duval, Blair Daae, Lowell Johnson and Phil Jacoby. Pray as they see the vision of our work in Chad and to then share it with their churches.

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Construction will soon begin on a home for Jean and Jacqueline, as well as for another couple who will join Paul and Teresa before partnering with another LBIM missionary couple. Pray for   speedy construction without ethnic or personal relationship troubles on the construction site.


Liz C. asks prayer for her team leader who is focused on reaching out to families affected by disability. They need to return to their own country to raise support. Please pray that God would supply all their financial needs.


Pray for some non-Christian friends of Ethan and Sandy Christofferson during this year of their home assignment. Pray that church members will faithfully visit and care for those who as yet don’t understand the gospel.


Pray for safety for the believers in Chad, for peace and wisdom for those in government leadership and for protection from terrorist groups active in neighboring countries.


Pray for Dan as he helps prepare missionaries for work in Chad while he also assists the Chadian church in their outreach to unreached people groups. Pray for his travels across North America and to and from Chad.