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Ethan & Sandy Christofferson are moving to Cyonglin to be closer to Enlin LB Church. Pray for their transition that they will have enjoyable and friendly interactions with their neighbors. Happy birthday today to Ethan.


Pray for Pastor Mollum as he visits villages where LBIM and the Chadian church partnered to drill new wells. Pray that the Lord will grant opportunities to share the living water of salvation in Christ.


Missionary ladies from across Taiwan are gathering for a three day retreat. Pray for a time of encouragement and inspiration for them as they learn and enjoy fellowship together.


Pray for Jeremy and Sallee and their daughters, Olivia and Abigail, who are studying French in preparation for ministry in Chad. Pray for opportunities to speak French with their neighbors. Happy birthday to Abigail today!


Pray for the salvation of Mr. Y and his family. Mr. Y’s wife  has  been coming to Elin LB Church sporadically after he had a car accident over a year ago. Ethan Christofferson and others have been visiting and sharing the gospel with him. He has serious health challenges and is unable to work.


Pray for Stephen and Sandra as they pass on their responsibilities as Serve Asia coordinators and seek God’s direction as to how they can continue to support his work in East Asia.


Mike and Delores Kittelson ask prayer for D, whose daughter led her to faith. Pray also for her husband, Mr. D, who feels responsibility to care for his ancestors. Pray that he will find his solution in Jesus Christ.