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Pioneer LB missionaries arrived in Cameroon in 1920. By God's grace, churches were planted among animistic people groups and now the Cameroonian church is quite large. The national church has matured and become independent of support from LBIM, and has even begun sending cross-cultural missionaries to spread the gospel in the African country of Mali.

LBIM does not currently have any missionaries here, but there is a need for three couples or individuals to work with unreached Muslim people groups in Cameroon.

Cameroon Action Photo


Cameroon at a Glance

  • Area: 425,000 sq. km.; on the continental "hinge" between west and central Africa; semi-arid in the north, dry grassland in the center, rain-forest in the south.
  • Population: 20,000,000; 2.79% annual growth; 32.6 persons per sq. km.
  • Languages: 275
  • Major Language Groups: Bantu 50.5% (97 groups); Chadic Hausa 19.4% (41 groups)
  • Official Languages: French, English
  • Literacy: 75%
  • Christian: 63.2%
  • Bible Translations: 18 Bibles, 24 NT
  • Missionaries To Cameroon: 689 in 48 agencies (1:16,300 people)

 data: Operation World (21st edition), Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk, 2001

LB in Cameroon

  • Ministry Area: Northern Cameroon
  • First LBIM Missionary to Cameroon: Left the States in 1918
  • Language: 16
  • Church Statistics: 844 congregations, 412 additional meeting places, 191 pastors, 789 lay pastors, 121,494 average Sunday attendace
  • Schools: 1 Seminary, 4 Regional Bible Schools
  • Bible Traditions:
  • 4 Bibles (Moundang, Fulfulde, Masana, Tupurri)
  • 5 NTs (Musgum, Gidar, Kapsiki, Fali, Giziga)
  • 3 NTs in preparation (Gude, Bana, Daba)