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Dean and Linda Bengtson ask prayer for Mr. M who had several bouts with cancer, was prayed for last spring and is currently doing well. He and his wife have attended many House of Hope events. Pray that he will understand the gospel.


In January, Petr Jezek was sentenced to life imprisonment and two other believers were sentenced to 12 years in prison on trumped up charges. Their lawyers filed an appeal and must now wait until the Supreme Court judge calls them in. Pray for God’s intervention and for a favorable ruling.


Paul and Teresa write that there is much construction to finish on their home before the rains come in mid-May, but they lack skilled labor; “pray for the supply of labor and good relationships among the workers of various ethnic groups.” Happy birthday today to Teresa.


Faith Righteousness Church in Hsinchu is celebrating Pastor Hsu’s 90th birthday.  In addition to pastoring churches, he taught and served as President at China Lutheran Seminary. Pray for this celebration of God’s faithfulness.


Continue to pray for the future of the Japanese synod as the synodical executive committee meets at House of Hope in Ishinomaki today. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide their decisions.


Pray that Christ’s victory over sin and death through his resurrection will continue to be proclaimed, transforming many lives around the world. Pray for the church to be humble yet bold in witness to those who haven’t heard.


Easter is a time to invite family and friends to the many services and programs sharing the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. Pray for Michael and Delores Kittelson as they visit the Hsinchu Old Soldiers Home tomorrow, Easter Sunday.


Roger and Sue Olson (Japanese Ministries, Seattle) are inviting 60 new students  from Japan  to their bi-weekly Talk Time this month. Pray that the students will grasp and experience Christ’s mercy and love over the next ten months.