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A report by World Watch on the sustained attack on Christian communities by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s central state of Benue concludes that the number and ferocity of incidents is evidence of ethnic cleansing. Pray for responsive action from the Nigerian and international governments, and for protection for the churches.


One of the people groups that LBIM works with in Chad is considered the largest nomadic group in the world today, spanning much of central and western Africa. There have been some churches and even a Bible school started among this group in regions of West Africa.  Pray that this awakening would grow and spread across

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Ethan and Sandy Christofferson are praising God for a new openness in Mrs. W.’s heart (DPN Jan. 2). She is now attending church activities regularly! Pray for her salvation.


Dean and Linda Bengtson ask for pray for Pastor Zeniya’s Bible message at House of Hope tomorrow. May people come with open hearts to hear and understand more.


Nathanael asks prayer for 30 participants of the Story Project: recording and distributing Bible stories on cell phones. “They are eager to continue learning Bible stories and telling them in their own language.” Pray for these 30 helpers and many others to come to know Christ through this ministry.


Liz recently had an encouraging visit with some individuals doing ministry with people who have disabilities. Pray for fruitfulness from this time together and for connections they made with others who are doing similar things.


Victory LB Church is having an evening of music around the theme of God’s grace. Pray that Mike Kittelson can effectively and clearly share the message about God’s undeserving grace given to all in Christ Jesus.


The disastrous effects of flooding in the Plains and Midwest remain at a level seldom have seen in the modern era. Pray especially for farm families who lost much in livestock, crops and stored grains due to the flooding.


Pray for Ethan Christofferson as he lays the groundwork for a new research project. Pray that he will be able to move forward without being needlessly distracted.