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Civil unrest is growing: the English-speaking minority feel marginalized among the French-speaking majority, and there’s a long history of political fraud. Pray for the Cameroonian LB Church, that they would be ambassadors of peace during this time, pointing people to Jesus.


Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson as they aid our sister LB churches in Taiwan by searching out ways to overcome cultural obstacles to the gospel and explore culturally appropriate ways to effectively share Christ.


Pray for Kay as her class at the SIL concludes and that God will guide her next steps in language learning. Pray for renewed strength from learning multiple languages over the last year and a half.


Dean and Linda Bengtson are giving out Christian books and literature as they share the Christmas story with neighbors. Please pray that many seeds of the gospel will be sown, and that God’s Word will accomplish its purpose.


Joel and Marybeth Nordtvedt with International Students, Inc. ask prayer for a Christmas event tonight at the close of the first semester.  Pray that the gospel message will be clear and compelling to these international grad students and visiting scholars.


Pray for Dave and Sonja and their children as they settle into their new home and get to know their neighbors. Pray that this will be an especially meaningful Christmas for them as they have begun ministry among the unreached.


Dean and Linda Bengtson ask prayer as neighborhood women gather for the next two days at House of Hope to make Christmas wreaths. Pray for Mrs. Gen and her assistants who have traveled from southern Japan to share the message of Christ’s birth with them. Pray for a clear message and open hearts to receive

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