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Mike and Delores Kittelson ask prayer for several people who want to believe and trust in Jesus but are hesitant because of the social implications of baptism. Pray for bold faith.


Praise God for Momoe’s baptism on Dec. 30th at Japanese Ministries, Rock of Ages, Seattle. As she recently returned to Japan, pray for her to connect soon to other Christians and a local church. It’s a very difficult thing to return to Japan as a new Christian alone.


Pray for Jeremy and Sallee as they are back in Chad after spending Christmas with their daughters, Olivia and Abigail, in the US. Pray for them as their family is separated again. Pray also for the preparations for major repairs on two separate roof structures at the Welcome Center.


Pray for the newly elected President of our sister church in Cameroon. Pray for God’s protection for the church and that God would use his people to help bring gospel peace to this country.


Tomorrow  Bau Shan Evergreen group and Hsinchu Victory Hakka Fellowship will have a joint outreach activity during the Lantern Festival. Happy 3rd birthday tomorrow to Winnifred Hosch, as she celebrates her birthday in Taiwan for the 1st time.


Dave writes, “pray for us as we really start to learn the language where we live. It’s always a struggle to start a new one, so pray for perseverance.” Pray for Dave and Sonja and their children, Nate, Eva, Boeden and Ivan, as they continue to adjust to life in their village.


As Indonesia was hit by an earthquake/tsunami in September and another tsunami in December, pray for the affected families and continued relief efforts. Pray also for the church to be an instrument of God’s grace and compassion.


Things have not gone smoothly for Joel’s new position at the university. Pray for favor and for good connections with faculty and university staff. Pray also for the ongoing visa application process and for Joel’s students.