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Pray for the monthly cooking classes at House of Hope. In addition to making and eating lunch together, there’s a guest speaker who shares a story or testimony. Pray also for Mika, who volunteers her time to help.


Danny and Mandy‚Äôs baby Boaz needs our prayers for healing of his liver. Mandy writes, “Please pray for health and growth and for God’s timing in this all. And, peace for us as I care for him. It is very easy to become anxious with this all.”


Mike and Delores Kittelson ask us to pray for the monthly outreach activities with Bau Shan Victory in You-tien village. Pray that the Bible stories and music will open hearts to God’s saving love.


Pray for Ben and Sara Hosch’s daughter Adelaide. She has started regular lessons in Mandarin with Sara’s language teacher. Pray that her lessons would be fruitful and bring encouragement to her. Happy birthday to Ben!


Nathanael asks prayer for their new teacher, Adoumbi, at the school, and his wife Respa and their five children. They moved to the village to cultivate fields so they can start next school year with some grain stocked up.


Pray that Joel will be able to cultivate better relationships with the leadership and faculty at the university. Pray that they will be open to a friendly relationship. Happy birthday to Joel!


Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson as they encourage and help the Christians around them to evangelize their unsaved family members. Praise God for Mr. and Mrs. Chang who have a desire to learn and be used of God to reach those in their circles.