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December 17Pray for Pastor Koki and Keiko Zeniya and their family at Minami Yoshinari Church in Sendai. Pray that God would give strength for Pastor Zeniya’s church and seminary responsibilities.


December 15We continue to thank God for the work of Steve and Stella at the Lutheran Welcome Center. Pray for them in this final year of their time as managers of the center. Happy birthday to Steve today.


December 14Pray for Mike and Delores Kittelson in their work among the Hakka people. May the Holy Spirit use their musical gifts to bring the love of Jesus to all those whom they befriend.


December 13Roger and Sue Olson ask prayer for Mari, who last February returned to Japan from Seattle. Mari wrote that she received baptism last month even though her mother was against it. Pray that God will use Mari to help her family and friends to also know Christ as Savior.


December 12Pray for Danny and Mandy and their boys as Mandy finishes her French studies and they fly to Chad later this month. Pray as they once again say goodbye to friends. Happy birthday to Mandy today.


December 11Pray for the Victory Hakka Fellowship as it hosts an evening of Christmas music tomorrow. May those who attend the service be impacted by the message that the Savior came to earth for them.

East Asia

December 10On Dec. 10-20 a team from New Zealand is in East Asia giving presentations to college students about New Zealand life and culture. Pray that as they share the sacred and secular customs connected to Christmas, that their hope in Christ will come through to the students.


December 8Pray for Ethan Christofferson as he speaks at the Hakka Mission Seminary chapel service tomorrow. Pray also for the students in their ongoing preparations for future ministry in Hakka congregations.