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Thank you for praying: Joel C. has been offered and signed a three-year, full-time contract at a local university! Please pray now for the processing of a work permit, work visa and residence permit. Happy birthday today to Liz.


The nation of Iran ranks #1 among countries with the fastest growing evangelical population, at 19.6%. Young people are particularly responsive to the gospel. Pray for the roughly 800 Persian-speaking Iranian churches and house fellowships.


Pray for Ben and Sara Hosch and their children as they arrived in Taiwan at the end of November. Pray for healthy transitions for all. Pray for Sara in her last weeks before the birth of their 4th child.


Please pray for the “Christmas, what’s it all about?” talk that Pastor Koki Zeniya will give at Ishinomaki House of Hope tomorrow. Pray that many neighbors will attend and listen with open hearts, gaining more understanding of the gospel.


Nathanael writes that a 2-week Story Project starts today. Representatives from three tribes (mostly non-believers) have gathered to learn OT stories, record them in their own language, and distribute them on cell phones. Pray for God’s Word to bring life!


Ethan and Sandy Christofferson ask continued prayer for the salvation of Mrs. W. When her Christian husband died, she had a non-Christian funeral for him. Pray for the witness of her Christian daughter who is home from the US for an extended visit.


Dan Venberg, Troy Tysdal and Micah Nordtvedt are on their way to Chad for two weeks to film and produce another Glimpse Project. Pray for the details to fall into place and pray that the project will be an effective tool for mobilizing our churches in cross-cultural mission awareness and support.


Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson as they build friendships with their neighbors. Pray also for the young adults who attend meetings in their home, and for three high school seniors who recently have expressed faith.