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Joel and Liz’s son, Tim, graduates tomorrow and then transitions to college in the US. Pray for him as he packs up and says good-bye to life as he has known it since he was a baby.


Ramadan ends tomorrow, and the 5th is the start of the three-day Id al Fitr, the breaking of the fast. Unreached people will offer special prayers and share food in celebration. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel as our missionaries engage with individuals during this time.


Today, three young men (Simon, Herry, and Harry) from Ethan and Sandy Christofferson’s English Bible Study class receive baptism! Pray that their families will attend and that they will understand the gospel clearly as Ethan preaches. Pray for these high school seniors will seek and know God’s will for their future.


Today is graduation day at China Lutheran Seminary. Pray that the new graduates will move forward in confidence and wisdom. Pray for the CLS teachers and staff to be encouraged in their ministries. Also, happy 7th birthday to Boeden.


Civil unrest is growing as the English-speaking minority feel marginalized by the French-speaking majority, and there’s a long history of political fraud. Pray for the Cameroonian LB Church, that they would be ambassadors of peace during this time, pointing people to Jesus.


Joel and Liz write that their son Tim graduates from high school on June 5. Pray for a good finish to his last month of school and for his transition to life in the US. Happy 18th birthday to Tim!


Ben and Sara Hosch write, “Our friends at church pray each week for their unsaved family members. Pray for strength for them and opportunities to share the gospel.”


Pray for the Japan LB leadership, as they seek revitalization of congregations and faithfulness to God’s mission in Japan. Pray for Pastor Takayama who serves as synodical president.