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Pray for Christmas services being held in many churches. Pray that Christians will actively share the gospel with family members and invite them to hear the message of God becoming man for us.


Liz C. writes, “Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share Bible stories with an English student of mine and his mom…Pray for the work of the Spirit in their lives as they hear the Word and think about the stories.”


Nathanael reports that final checks on the revision of half of Genesis and all of Mark’s Gospel are almost finished. Praise God that soon they’ll have the primary material for telling the story of salvation to the Chadian people!


Pray for the Japanese LB synod as they seek God for his direction and for a vision for the Japanese church. Pray for a renewed passion for the salvation of family and friends.


Kay asks prayer that God will help her keep a proper perspective under the pressure of fast-paced classes. Pray for God’s peace to overcome anxiety and fear and help her become more at ease with the French language. Praise God for the progress she has made.


Jeremy and Sallee ask prayer for safe travel throughout the holidays for their family. Pray also for preparations for their return to Chad, including their visa applications. They leave the U.S. for Chad on January 3rd.


Pray for the LB church in Taiwan as they recently met with Dan Venberg regarding cross- cultural missions and how they can have a part in mission work in Chad. Pray that God will give vision and direction for future mission involvement from Taiwan.


Pray for the salvation of Mr. and Mrs. S, neighbors of Ethan and Sandy Christofferson. Mr. S came to church for the first time in October. Pray the family would hear God’s call on their life. Pray for Ethan and Sandy as they seek to bring the Word to their neighbors.