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Pray for the Spirit’s leading as Danny and Mandy plan and prepare for moving to an unreached area. Pray for good health for the family, especially for Samuel. Happy 3rd birthday Samuel!


Dean and Linda Bengtson asks us to pray for Carol Sunde who is again visiting Ishinomaki, this time with her daughter Joy and another friend. Pray that God will bless their visits with neighbors and soften hearts toward the gospel.


Pray for the salvation of Mr. and Mrs. Q. Their oldest son, living in the States, has become a Christian. He returns once a year and has invited Ethan and Sandy Christofferson to join him in sharing the gospel with his family.


Pray for “Abdu,” a recent convert who heard the gospel from Pastor Malloum, a Chadian LB missionary. Pray that God would raise up more Chadian missionaries who will boldly share Christ.


Three friends of Dean and Linda Bengtson have birthdays in March. God is working in each life and all are in different places regarding their understanding of the gospel. Pray for these friends. Happy birthday to Dean today.


Joel Nordtvedt asks prayer for an international student who “believes” because he has seen God’s protection, but rejects the message of sin and forgiveness through the cross of Jesus.  Pray that the Spirit will convict him of his sin and need for redemption.


Danny and Mandy ask prayer for God’s wisdom and guidance as they plan and prepare for a future move to an unreached area among their people group. Pray for good health and stamina.


Pray for Joel and Liz C. as stricter laws have created uncertainty about ongoing availability of visas and the future of the organization they have served over the past nine years. Pray for wisdom in God’s leading as they consult with leaders from partner organizations on how to go forward.