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Please pray for Mike and Delores Kittelson’s friend R.  Being the only Christian in her family, she wants to be a witness but does not want to compromise her faith during times of family ancestor worship. Pray that the family will be open to new ways to show respect for ancestors.


Roger Olson from Rock of Ages LBC, Seattle, reports that the 40-plus students that they ministered to for ten months have returned to Japan. Many students heard the gospel message. May they now connect with a church and come to know Christ in Japan.


Marcos asks us to pray for encouragement for those bringing God’s Word to the unreached in Chad.  God’s work is not always easy to see and that can be discouraging.  Pray for Chadian missionaries Nissoh and Malloum.


Pray for the annual conference that Joel and Liz C. help plan, February 5-10, and for a team of ladies from Mt. Bethel LBC, PA, who are doing the children’s program. Pray also for LBIM missionary caregivers, Joel and Marybeth Nordtvedt,  as they minister to those gathered. May this week encourage and refresh those working in Asia

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Pray for Dave, Sonja, Nate, Eva, Boeden and Ivan as they are adjusting to life in France. Pray for the children as they attend French school or daycare as their parents are at French language school. Pray for a quick transition and good friends.


Joel and Liz C. are praising God for over 40 leaders who are planning to attend a Leadership Forum, February 2-5. This is an important time for discerning the Lord’s will for outreach and for strengthening ministry partnerships with the growing church in China.


Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the JLBC Executive Committee plans for the year ahead, especially since there is a current shortage of pastors and no full-time seminary students. Pray for workers to be called and equipped.


Pray for those who now are preparing to go overseas as missionaries. Pray that financial support from the CLB would be available. Pray that churches will take a step of faith to support those who are called to serve overseas.  


Pray for the pastor and elder meetings and for executive committee meetings Jan. 30-31. These are planning meetings for the upcoming annual meeting in March. Pray for wisdom and guidance as they plan for the coming year.


Pray for the villagers at this time while Nathanael and Carrie and their children are in North America. Pray that God will soften the villagers’ hearts and bring a hunger for the gospel.