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Pray for the LB church in Japan, that the Lord will call and equip many new workers for the church and for church planting. Pray for Pastor Takayama as he leads the synod in discerning God’s direction for future ministry.


Mike and Delores Kittelson ask prayer for Mrs. Gu whose husband died. May she find strength and comfort in God’s Word, her new faith in Jesus and in the fellowship of believers.


Joel Nordtvedt reports that several doctoral students in Phoenix are graduating and returning to their home countries as new believers. Some will face hostility toward their faith. Pray that the Spirit will give them boldness.


Praise God that Mr. De was baptized in the Hakka language service at Enlin LBC recently! Pray that he and his wife will be able to adjust their schedule so they can join Ethan and Sandy Christofferson’s small group.


Pray for Jeremy, Sallee, Olivia and Abigail as they get close to finishing language studies in France. Pray for continued strength and perseverance and good language acquisition.


Pray for the salvation of Mr. D. He is offended that Christians act as if we are the only ones who have the truth. Please also pray for Ethan Christofferson as he visits and shares with him.


The Odate LB Church is celebrating their 60th anniversary today. Former missionaries, Jim and Evie Olson, who were involved in starting the church, will attend. Pray for safe travel and good health during their time in Japan from May 12-21.


Nathanael and Carrie ask prayer for their guard’s family who hear the gospel frequently. They have talked about Christ’s humility and actions on our behalf, and how these differ from natural human inclinations. Pray for a softening of this guard’s heart. Happy 5th birthday to Cyril today!


Pray for the LB Seminary that God would bring those who would dedicate their lives to full-time service. Pray also that the seminary would be led in ways to bring the teaching to lay leaders as well.


4.6 million Syrians are refugees, and 6.6 million are displaced within Syria; half are children. Pray for Christian agencies that bring food aid, water, sanitation and other needed supplies in Christ’s name.