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Pray for Liz C. as she studies and works with others who are also serving people with disabilities. Pray for believers who are involved in this ministry, that they would receive adequate support from their churches. Happy birthday to Liz today.


During the Christmas season many Japanese are more spiritually open than usual. Pray that church sponsored Christmas concerts and activities will clearly present the story of God incarnate to many.


Pray for Olivia and Abigail, daughters of Jeremy and Sallee, as they continue their on-line schooling. Praise God that they have found friends in the mission community and have enjoyed time together with them.


Haiti continues to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Pray for relief efforts and that the church would take opportunities to show God’s love in action to the suffering people of Haiti.


Victory LB Church has a drama team that goes to schools three days a week during the month of December to present the gospel message. Pray that the Spirit of God will prepare the hearts of the students to understand and believe.


Pray for Paul, Teresa, Titus and Micah as they prepare to move to their new home in a remote desert village. Pray for good health, stamina and patience since for a time they will live in only two rooms and without any electricity  or running water.  Pray especially for Titus and Micah as they make

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Pray for Dave, Sonja, Nate, Eva, Boeden and Ivan in these final days before leaving for France on December 26th. Pray for good health and rest and for good times with extended family during their last weeks in the States.


Pray for Joel and Marybeth Nordtvedt with International Students, Inc. Today there is a Christmas celebration for international grad students and scholars at Arizona State University.  Joel will be sharing the gospel with many who have little understanding of Christianity.


Pray for the rains and the harvests in Chad. Pray for those who are struggling with food shortages. Pray also that the Living Waters well project would continue to bring clean water as well as Christ’s water of life to villages.