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Pray for Heidi Jensen as she ministers to those at the UN. May the Holy Spirit bring many diplomats to faith in the true Son of God, and call them to be Christ’s ambassadors. Pray that Olive, an Asian diplomat, will come to know Jesus as more than a prophet, and serve Him as her

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Pray for Joel, Liz and Tim C. as they pack up after a one-year home assignment to return to their work in East Asia on July 24th. Pray for them as they again say goodbye to their families. Happy birthday to Joel today.


December 30 Pray for Dean and Linda Bengtson as they celebrate New Year’s with neighbors. Pray for hearts to be open to hearing about the God of peace, especially for many who still struggle with the aftermath of the tsunami.


December 29 Several older seekers at Enlin LBC have been baptized in the past year. Pray for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson and the Christians as they seek to disciple these new believers and help them see Jesus in every part of their lives.


December 28 Joel and Marybeth will be leaving on the 30th for their first visit to Chad as our pastoral care couple. Pray for them as they develop relationships with the missionaries and minister to them from God’s Word.


December 27 This nation bridges east and west, Roman Catholic and Orthodox. Mass demonstrations forced new elections and greater freedoms, but political rivalries left the people divided. Pray for spiritual renewal and reconciliation.


December 26 Dan Venberg and David Veum, President of Lutheran Brethren Seminary, will be attending Urbana 15, which is being held in St. Louis, MO, December 27-31. Pray for them as they interact with those attending this student missions conference.