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Pray for Mui-lan who has had health issues that prevent her from attending worship. May the Lord care for her—body and soul—so that she can return to the Hakka fellowship and worship soon.


Joel and Liz C. report that they and their friends had opportunities to share the gospel through Christmas parties and events in their homes. Pray for follow-up and good spiritual fruit.


Roger and Sue Olson of Japanese Ministries at Rock of Ages LBC, Seattle, ask prayer for the 47 college students they’ve worked with who return to Japan in February. May the gospel seed sown in their hearts yield eternal fruit.


Pray for Paul, Teresa, Titus and Micah as they have moved to their new home in an unreached village. Pray for favor with the village leaders. Happy birthday to Paul today.


Pray for a spiritual awakening among the Japanese people, where evangelical Christians are ½ of 1% of the population. Pray for God to bless the Japanese churches with a vision to reach out to their neighbors with the gospel and to make disciples.


Pray for Dave, Sonja, Nate, Eva, Boeden and Ivan as they adjust to life in France and start studying French. Pray for a good school experience for the children. Happy birthday to Sonja today.


Pray for Jeremy and Sallee in their role of managing the Lutheran Welcome Center. Continue to pray for language acquisition and cultural adjustment for them and their daughters, Olivia and Abigail.