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Mike and Delores Kittelson ask prayer for their Mother’s Day outreach tomorrow. Some who will attend activities have not attended church. May they see God’s love through his people.


Marcos Holzner is thankful that, after much waiting, the government is processing his citizenship application.  Pray that it will be favorably considered and that there will be no delays.


Ethan & Sandy Christofferson write that Morrison Academy has many activities this month to help seniors transition back to their home countries after graduation. Pray for Hannah as she graduates and returns to the U.S. for college.


Nathanael asks prayer for three men: A1, A2 and M who have asked him to teach them French. Such teacher-student relationships are great opportunities for sharing God’s Word. Pray that Christ’s grace will be evident in all of their interactions.


Pray for Jim and Suzy Olsen and their children in their ministry in Ecuador. Praise God for his protection during a recent mudslide that surrounded their home. Pray for good health and safety.


Pray for Dean and Linda Bengtson as they plan summer activities for their neighborhood. Several volunteer teams and guest artists are coming to Ishinomaki House of Hope in the next few months. Pray for God to communicate his saving truth and love through them.


Pray for Danny and Mandy as they await the birth of baby number five. Pray for good health for Mandy and the baby. Pray for Danny’s continued Arabic study, and for adjustments for the three older boys as they are back in the French school system.


Joel and Liz report that the two conferences in Thailand went well (2/1). Praise God that the Asian missions-sending movement continues to grow, with important issues being discussed among the national international missions leaders.


Two sisters of Miss F, Victory Hakka Fellowship, have shown an interest in attending church. They have seen Miss F’s faith and the difference it has made in her life. Pray that they will grow in understanding the gospel.