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Pray for Pastor Satoh of New Life Church in Sendai, and for open hearts in the neighborhood. Also, pray for him as he visits Ishinomaki to assist Dean and Linda Bengtson in their ministry.


Pray for Roger and Sue Olson in their work with Japanese Ministries at Rock of Ages LBC, Seattle. They are praising God that recently their classes and Bible studies for Japanese college students are filled to capacity! Pray for God to soften their hearts toward his Word.


Mr. Zong, a middle-aged Christian electrical engineer attending Enlin LBC, was recently laid off. As he looks for a new job, he is also considering going to seminary and preparing to serve full-time in a church ministry. Pray for direction for this gifted man.


Jim and Suzy Olsen ask prayer for the fall retreat and intern season; that participants would experience transformation and growth. Pray for unity and wisdom for their staff and for Jim who continues as interim director through January.


Pray for Jeremy and Sallee as they continue to learn the many facets of the ministry of the Lutheran Welcome Center. Also pray that as they continue to learn the language, they become more comfortable in communicating with the Chadians that work at the welcome center, their neighbors, government officials and those in the market

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Liz C. asks prayer as she and a group take a course on how to reach out to people with disabilities and to their families. Pray that God will prepare these individuals and their churches to catch a vision for this ministry.


Today Nathanael and Carrie leave Michigan after four months of rest, family time and work. On the 16th they will visit Bethesda LBC, Eau Claire, WI, to share the Word and about their ministry in Chad.


Pray for Delores Kittelson as she continues to recover from surgery to repair the bone break on her tibia.  May she be strengthened in body and soul.  Happy birthday to Delores today.