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Ethan & Sandy Christofferson have recently moved to a house just down the street from Enlin LB Church. Pray for them as they build relationships with neighbors and work to become even more connected and visible in the community.


Pray for Dan in his work helping churches to connect with the mission work to unreached people groups in Chad. Pray as he prepares those who will go, and also as he takes groups on short- term trips to Chad.


Carol Sunde is on her 7th visit to Ishinomaki since the Great Earthquake/Tsunami in 2011. Pray that God will give her words to speak to her friends there that will impress on their hearts their need of his great love and mercy.


Pray for the Z family as they have recently lost their mother, who was a Christian. Many in the family are not believers. May they turn to God for comfort and come to know the hope of eternal life in Jesus.


April 15th, Gospel singer Migiwa is doing two concerts at Ishinomaki House of Hope. She has many friends in the neighborhood. Pray that God will use her music and sharing to turn hearts to him.


Jim and Suzy Olsen ask prayer for Todo Lodo, a large family-friendly mud run race that will be taking place at El Refugio that they hope will grow to be a sustainable fundraiser for the ministry.


Pray for “Happy,” a West African diplomat in Heidi Jensen’s conversational English class. As they discussed the Last Supper, Happy shared a song from her Christian mission school days. Pray that truths she learned years ago will draw her to faith in Christ.


Pray for the salvation of Mr. Y and his family and for Ethan and Sandy Christofferson and believers at Enlin LBC as they reach out to them. Mr. Ying was injured in a work accident about 2 years ago, and feels very grateful for the way Christians (including his doctors) have cared for him.