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Pray for wisdom for decisions that Joel and Liz C. need to make in response to the new Chinese law restricting NGOs that will go into effect January 1st. Pray that they can continue to serve and minister in areas where they already are welcome or are asked to serve.


Jeremy, Sallee, Olivia and Abigail are just beginning life in Chad. Pray for a smooth transition to life there as they learn how to best manage the ministries of the Lutheran Welcome Center.


Pray for the millions of refugees and their many physical and psychological needs. Pray that the church will respond wholeheartedly to help refugees with both immediate and ongoing needs as they seek to integrate into their new homelands.


Pray for a spiritual awakening among the Japanese, and for renewal in the churches. Pray for pastors to help church members find their place in God’s mission in their local communities.


Pray for John and Caristy Olson and their family as they continue their work in the English department of Victory LB Church. Pray that their family will be a light in their neighborhood.


Pray for Pastor Hiroshi Satoh who visits the House of Hope often to lead in discussions and sharing God’s love and forgiveness with Dean and Linda Bengtson’s neighbors. Pray that God will use his words to soften hearts.