Chad is an ethnically diverse country in central Africa with an estimated population of 15 million people—made up of 141 unique people groups. Geographically it is divided into three distinct zones, the Sahara Desert in the north, the Sahelian belt through its center, and the Sudanian Savanna in the south.

Chad is rated in the top tier of poorest countries in the world. Statistics show that 47% of Chad’s population live below the poverty line. The United Nations Human Development Index ranks Chad as 186 of 195 countries in the world due to multiple factors—including a high infant mortality rate (10%), a low life expectancy (51 years), minimal access to safe drinking water (51%) and a low literacy rate (41%).

Of the 141 people groups in Chad, 75 are considered unreached, all of them are Muslim. The majority of these people groups live in a context where they have little or no contact with the gospel.

The Lutheran Brethren first sent missionaries to Chad in 1918. By God’s Grace, and through the faithful service of those called to go and those called to send, the gospel was proclaimed, people came to faith in Jesus Christ, and a sister church was born. We praise God for the Lutheran Brethren Church of Chad. It is composed of believers from 15 different ethnic groups, all of them from animistic backgrounds, and together they function as a synod of over 900 congregations.

In recent years, LBIM has been transitioning—though still playing an active role in the support of our sister church—we are now partnering with her to form multinational teams to bring the gospel to the many remaining unreached people groups in Chad.

Our CLB/LBIM plan is to place missionary teams in at least three of these unreached people groups over the next five to seven years to plant culturally appropriate, biblically grounded churches that will in turn make disciples in their own communities and beyond.

Our missionaries live in community with these unreached peoples, sharing their lives and sharing the gospel message. We minister holistically and contextually—meeting both physical and spiritual needs—in relevant and tangible ways. Our missionaries proclaim the gospel in both word and deed, and through our ‘Living Waters’ ministry we install water wells in needy communities and maintain an ongoing commitment to evangelistic ministry among them.

We are excited to see those responding to this call, and continue to pray the Lord of the harvest to raise up and send people with various skills and gifts to be used for God’s glory in the nation of Chad.

Chad Action Photo


Chad at a Glance

  • Area: 1,284,000 sq. km.; desert in the north, dry grassland in the center; and brush in the south.
  • Population (2012): 15,000,000
  • Languages: 141
  • Official Languages: French, Arabic
  • Literacy: 40%
  • Christian: 27.78%
  • Bible Translations: 9 Bibles, 18 NT
  • Missionaries To Chad: 295 in 23 agencies from 23 countries
  • Note: Chad has more totally unreached peoples than any other African country: 72
 data: Operation World (21st edition), Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk, 2001

LB in Chad

  • Ministry Area: Central and Southern Chad
  • First LBIM missionary to Chad: Left the States in 1918
  • Languages: 12
  • Church Statistics: 653 congregations, 300 additional meeting places, 124 pastors, 886 lay pastors, 101,737 average Sunday attendance
  • Schools: 1 Seminary, 11 Regional Bible Schools
  • Missionary Involvement: Church Planting, Evangelization, Church Leadership Training
  • Bible Translations:
    • 5 Bibles (Moundang, Fulfulde, Musey, Masana, Tupurri)
    • 4 NTs (Musgum, Peve, Gidar, Zime)
    • 1 NT in preparation (Naba)
    • Portions of Scripture (Barma)


Danny and Mandy

Danny and Mandy and their boys are living in a village in Chad among an unreached people group. Together with their partners in the Chadian church, they work to bring the gospel to an unreached people group while also helping to improve their living conditions. Please pray for good relationships and wisdom to clearly communicate God’s good news. They have been with LBIM since 2013.


  • Danny, February 23
  • Mandy, December 12
  • Zeke, June 24
  • Theo, August 3
  • Jonah, February 25
  • Samuel, April 2
  • Moses, April 28

Jeremy and Sallee

Jeremy and Sallee serve as administrators of the Lutheran Welcome Center, a guest house and conference facility designed to provide a place of rest, renewal and gathering for missionaries in Chad. Pray specifically for their daughters who in the States for their schooling. They have been with LBIM since 2015.


  • Jeremy, July 30
  • Sallee, June 23
  • Olivia, November 12
  • Abigail, March 6

Nathanael and Carrie

Nathanael and Carrie and their family are living in a village in Chad among an unreached people group.  They continue to study the language as they settle into their home and learn to live, garden and build relationships with their new friends. They are translating Bible stories and seeking creative ways to share those stories in their community along with their Chadian partners in ministry. They have been with LBIM since 2012.


  • Nathanael, September 24
  • Carrie, April 27
  • Selma, Feb 11
  • Cyril, May 14
  • Adelynn, April 23
  • Talitha, September 14
  • Clement, October 20

Paul and Teresa

Paul and Teresa and their son Micah are living in a new mission community. There, they partner with Chadian friends in an educational ministry, preparing Chadian families to work alongside LBIM missionaries among the unreached. Pray for them as they teach, build relationships with students and villagers, continue learning the local language and culture, and desire to be a witness to Christ and his kingdom. They have been with LBIM since 1997.


  • Paul, January 13
  • Teresa, April 19
  • Micah, September 12

Dave and Sonja

Dave and Sonja and their children are in the process of preparing for service as missionaries among an unreached people group of Chad. Lord willing, they will move to an unreached village, where they will continue language study. Pray for stamina and patience in language learning. They have been with LBIM since 2016.


  • Dave, April 9
  • Sonja, January 10
  • Nate, July 1
  • Eva, June 15
  • Boeden, June 1
  • Ivan, December 28


Kay is currently living at the Lutheran Welcome Center  where she is focusing on learning Chadian Arabic, the trade language of Chad.  In the coming months, she will be preparing for her move to a community where she will enter into life and ministry among an unreached people group. She has been with LBIM since 2017.


  • November 17