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A large “Welcome” sign greeted delegates and visitors as they assembled in the basement of a church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday, December 13, 1900. The primary topic of this conference was a vital issue for those in attendance: should the congregations present organize a church body called the Church of the Lutheran Brethren? It was quickly and unanimously agreed that such a step would be in harmony with the Word of God. On Tuesday, December 18 a decision of major significance was made. The Milwaukee meeting recommended to the newly formed denomination that China be the first foreign mission field of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren and that it undertake mission work to the country as soon as possible.

In 1902 the Church of the Lutheran Brethren sent its first missionaries to China, Lutheran Brethren International Mission has since sent hundreds of missionaries to countries in Asia and Africa. The primary focus is to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups who have no indigenous church through which the gospel can be spread. We currently have missionaries in Chad, Japan, and Taiwan working among unreached people groups.