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Japan is in many ways a bridge from the West to the East, the only nation that has been classified as both non-Western and modern. Yet there is a deep spiritual void, which is presently being addressed by an average of 100 new religions each year.

The needs that the Church can speak to are many. The political world has been rocked by one political scandal after another. There is a lack of values among the nation's youth that has caught the attention of the national media. The economy has been hit hard, and the "graying of Japan" is a major concern.

In the midst of these crying needs there is a spiritual hunger in the churches calling out for awakening. Pray that God's children in Japan would seek the Lord in a new way, and that God would bless his churches with a new vision for gospel-centered evangelism that speaks to the culture and offers hope to many who see no answers to the deep questions of the heart and spirit. Pray also that the Lord would soften the hearts of the Japanese people to receive the message of the gospel, giving them an understanding of their spiritual need and God's offer of love and forgiveness. Pray especially for spiritual awakening among breadwinning men, a minority in most churches.

Lutheran Brethren International Mission sent their first missionaries to Japan in 1949 and have had the privilege of helping establish a Church there. There are now twenty-nine churches which have been planted and our goal, together with the National Church, is to continue planting churches in Japan, a nation that is less than 2% Christian. We cooperate with the National Church in a teaching English program by supplying teachers and directors. This program serves as a bridge and outreach to these communities.

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Japan at a Glance

  • Area: 377,801 sq. km.; a 3000 km arc of four large islands and 3000 small islands in N.W. pacific; mountains; only 13% of the land can be cultivated
  • Population: 127,714,220; 2.20% annual growth; 335 persons per sq. km.
  • Official Language: Japanese (indigenous 99.3%, other .7%)
  • Literacy: 100%
  • Christian: Less than 1%
  • Bible Translations: 2 Bibles
  • Missionaries To Japan: 3,500 in 245 agencies from 33 countries

data: Operation World (21st edition), Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk, 2001

LB in Japan

  • First LBIM missionary to Japan: 1949
  • Area: Centers in northen Honshu and reaches down to Sendai, Tokyo, and Yokohama.
  • Church Statistics: 26 congregations, 21 pastors, 1,263 total membership
  • Schools: 1 Seminary
  • Missionary Involvement: Church Planting, Church Leadership Training


Dean and Linda


Dean and Linda live in Ishinomaki where much destruction occurred in the "Great Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami." They are following God’s direction in a church planting ministry there. Pray for continued opportunities to meet people with open hearts! They have been with LBIM since 1989.


  • Dean, March 28
  • Linda, July 2